Fede is a Founding Partner at Avante Legal Networking, one of the pillars in the
creation of our new model, as well as our firm´s direction and objectives.
This young Attorney, Notary Public, and entrepreneur has amassed experience in
Comercial, Corporative and IP Law amongst others, which along with his business
experience make him a versatile consultant.
His social and technical skills are qualities that provide direction when our client´s
businesses require that extra push.
Fede has knowledge and experience on his own businesses in the Food and Beverage
industry, which provide the right insight for Business Development, networking and
bussines consultation services Avante Legal Netowrking provides.
He has a passion for extreme sports such as surf and skating, both of which carry on
outdoors and in nature which Fede more than appreciates.

  • Founding Partner Avante Legal Networking, 2017
  • Jr Attorney at Leiva & Associates, 2005-2016
  • Specialty as Notary Public and Registration, 2016
  • Founding partner at Gracia Artisan Beer, 2015; Barba Roja, Gourmet
    Artisan Sauces, 2016
  • Legal Advisor for SETENA (National Technical Secretary), 2011