Alfredo is our managing partner and founding partner of Avante, his ample experience
and vision promote an evolving work and business environment. During his career as
attorney he has held prestigious positions such as President of the Bar, several bank´s
board of directors, insolvency proceedings of great relevance, as well as public
positions. Professional ethics and values naturally belong to his professional practice.
Avante would not be without him, his vision and talent. His specialties include:
Commercial Law, Insolvency, Litigation, Arbitration, Merger and Acquisition. Alfredo
has a passion for lecture and spending time with his grandchildren.

  • Supreme Court Justice
  • Junta de Protección Social, National Bank, Central American Bank Board
  • Commercial Law Professor at the Universidad de Costa Rica and La Salle
  • Arbitrator at the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce and the Federate College
    of Engineers and Architects