NETWORKING: a modern business tool.

NETWORKING: a modern business tool.
NETWORKING: a modern business tool. 24.11.2017

It is said that whoever has a friend has a treasure. In a broad sense, this is the essence of Networking.

A literal definition of NETWORKING would make reference to working with your network of contacts, that is: focusing time and resources on establishing a professional agenda with people who want to do business with you, or those who will want to do business with you in the future.

All people, regardless of their age or profession have a “Network” or a “Network of Contacts” that they have been acquiring naturally through the social relations that are implicit to the life of any human being. The size of this network of contacts may vary depending on each person, and the use given to this network depends only on the specific objectives mapped out and the ability to link contacts for a specific function.

Networking in the legal sector

The competitiveness of the sector has given rise to the establishment of new relations and cooperation between professionals of the sector who, far from promoting competition, seek collaboration and mutual aid.

At present it is extremely important to know how to establish and increase professional trust relationships with potential clients and references. In the legal sector, it is the trust between people that leads a client to handle a matter via a lawyer.

Advante Legal Networking

In Avante, our Network of Contacts is extremely important; our Networking is focused on the improvement of our services and provides our clients with greater possibilities of growth.

It is a reality that two heads think better than one, and in a world where business is increasingly complex, clients seek specialized advice in different fields. This is why we make our network of contacts available to both our customers and our collaborators.

In our case, networking works both in the legal domain and in the business domain. We value the needs of our clients, either on a personal level or taking into account the environment of their company, and we search for the best team of specialists that are required to attend to each specific case.

• Legal Networking

In Avante we have specialists in different areas of law and we understand that there is a specialist for every need, so we analyze each specific case to determine which professionals we can assign to provide the best solutions whilst presenting opportunities to our clients. These professionals, within the legal field, are part of our Network of contacts that has been previously valued, tested, and approved by both our clients and ourselves.

We believe in the co-growth of all Avante collaborators, so we promote joint learning and group analysis of cases. Today it is not valid think it is a threat to resort to other professionals for advice or collaboration; on the contrary, it is extremely enriching and positive to feed on the wisdom of other colleagues.

• Business Networking

Our network is not only limited to legal services. Through our years of experience and working in different fields we have realized that our most valuable network is made up of our own clients. In Avante we are interested in the growth of people’s businesses, so we seek to proactively engage in the commercial turn of events of each company, providing you with ideas and ways of growth in conjunction with other members of our network.

We are a link that generates better results in negotiations between people and the objectives of companies. We seek not only to provide you with the best legal service, but also to promote joint, secure, and well-organized growth with professionals from different branches that we consider to be the best in their areas. Our selected contacts offer a specific fit in connection to the market, the Company, and the client´s requirements in relation to their needs, their projection and the environment in which they are immersed.

We are able to link needs with skills, we offer solutions and opportunities accompanied by security, tranquility and confidence.

For all of the above reasons we add the word “Networking” to our company, we see it as a tool that must be used and applied. In our specific case we apply it as a business model.