From an attorney’s office to a Legal Firm

From an attorney’s office to a Legal Firm
From an attorney’s office to a Legal Firm 24.11.2017

When reading Charles Darwin as a young man, the way he referred to the theory of evolution and what this implied for human beings all round, attracted the full spectrum of my attention.

Once I graduated as a professional in law I followed a certain course, influenced perhaps by family inheritance, which was to maintain a traditional office organizational system. Clients came to our offices to ask questions regarding various branches law, and we saw to all this with a minimum of human or technological equipment.

It is understandable that in those times resources were rudimentary and very different to those available today. In addition to this, the demands of customers were different, they characterized themselves as passive customers.

There was an attitude on behalf of both the lawyer and the client, which we could describe as “sedentary”; the professional limited himself to the service of the user, to the search of a legal solution and the completion of the procedure that corresponded as requested by each particular case.

Now-a-days, the advances of human beings in all fields, the development of different technologies, new ways of doing business and the conditions and requirements of highly competitive environments, have led the way to accelerated changes in the way professionals in the field of law work.

Resources and society have been changing, transforming our professional environment and expanding our field of legal action, forcing us to engage and provide a wider range of professional and business services, so we can provide a more dynamic and higher quality service characterized by proactivity for and with the client.

In lieu of this new panorama of services and in accordance with the current requirements and demands of the market, we have taken the decision to create AVANTE LEGAL NETWORKING: a firm that is born from the hand of lawyers of vast experience, recognition and an impeccable trajectory, all blended with the thrust of new generations filled with fresh ideas and an updated perspective of the modern business world and the field of legal services.

Under the premise of a greater commitment to our clients needs, we have changed the traditional way of servicing and no longer wait for our clients to knock on our office doors in request of certain documents or advice. As professional advisors it is our duty to offer you an integral service by making all our work team available to you, and providing the added value of more comprehensive advice along with solutions to other interests and businesses in which you are immersed.

All this contact, proactivity and interest in the activities of our clients, translates into a growth in the commercial turnover of their businesses, which will be reinforced by our specialized high quality advice and therefore entail acts comprised of legal certainty, thus providing greater tranquility, and confidence to all parts.

The experience of this evolution has not only led to a modernization of our offices, equipment and technologies, but it has also triggered radical personal changes that have proven to be very positive and enriching: an alignment with current needs coupled with evolving hand in hand with society, all the while allowing me not only to be prepared for the demands of today, but also positioning me ONE STEP AHEAD.