Avante: “He who goes forward”. Origin: French, Avante is a variation of the French word “Avant” of progressive meaning, of cultural advancement and style (as in “Avant-Garde”: advanced guard). The word “avant” comes from the Latin “Abante”: be before, in front; ahead
Nowadays clients need versatile and prepared consultants in different fields, to help them make critical decisions both commercial and personal. In Avante we have high-quality professionals with advanced minds, constantly updated legal and business to provide you with the best possible advice.

Our Team

Our Beliefs

Provide legal services of excellence backed by our experience, differentiating ourselves by closeness and pro-active approach with clients. Provide the appropriate tools for our clients to reach their goals.

¿Where We Head To?

Become a nuance in the legal services market, creating opportunities of growth for our clients and Costa Rica. Promote the rule of law, economic growth and innovation.


  • Security
  • Tranquility
  • Trust
  • Pro-activity
  • Innovation
  • Service oriented
  • Prevention
  • Passion
"National Theatre of Costa Rica (1897)"


Two heads think better than one, and a network of contacts produces better results than a simple advisor. Let's work together to make your goals materialize.

In a world where business is increasingly complex, clients seek specialized advice in different fields. At AVANTE we aim to grow our clients' businesses, we want yo be your company´s ally, rather than only an advisor. We value the growth of our clients and believe that this will reflect a development of their heritage and the economy of the country; so we are interested in providing a tailor made services, whether your are a venture, an SME or a corporation. In Avante we seek

In Avante, we seek to serve in an innovative way, collaborating with our clients and network in a proactive way. Our extensive network of contacts and experts provides us with the extra support that allows us to generate connections, opportunities and results hand in hand with our clients and their objectives.